A Toast Of Wine To A Healthy Living

If you have read the story of the “French Paradox”, then maybe you are one of those wine drinkers who swirled and rejoiced after knowing the good side of drinking. It was in the mid 90s when this story was released to the media, saying that most French people who have a high cheese diet were not suffering from heart attacks because of their moderate and steady intake of wine. After this discovery, more researchers have shared their findings to defend this habit, which they were proclaiming to have many health benefits. An example of this is about the healing powers of Resveratrol. This antioxidant is said to be found in red grape skins or red wine.

Other benefits would be the reduction of cases on coronary heart disease as mentioned above which was made by the researchers in University of California in the year 1995. Six years after, another research was by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to prove its effects on lowering the risk of stroke. A year after, William Harvey Research Institute researchers have backed up this findings and has proclaimed that this is possible because the arteries are kept clean by a substance called polyphenol which is found in red grape skin. Same year when the American thoracic Society declared about the lung health benefits of wine from its antioxidants content. It was also said that ulcer-causing bacteria were reduced because of drinking wine, which was according to the American journal of Gastroenterology in 2003.

In the year 2004, several studies are still made and it was found out that wine also benefits the elderly by giving them healthier blood vessels. It was also said to be responsible for giving stronger bones and decreased ovarian cancer risk for women. For men, it is proven to have been lowering the risk of heart attack for those with high blood pressure. Another is the anti-aging effects found in red grape skins and the protein in red grape skin killed that cancer cells.

In other words, these researchers were saying that wine is in fact, beneficial to our health. However, drinking it should be done in moderation. Anything in excess of this could reverse all the benefits mentioned. So drink moderately, and cheers to good health!

Written by Alen Lew, a blogger at Talk-Food.com

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