Bavarian Grill A Local Plano Favorite?

What’s not to like about a restaurant that is attempting to add a bit of German culture to the fellow citizens of Plano Texas?

Bavarian Grill is located in the North West corner of 75 and Parker in the back of the shopping center. Bavarian Grill offers a large menu with traditionally prepared German menu items including Schnitzel, Gulasch, Rinder Rouladen, and even Sauerbraten.

The restaurant also features a Bier Garten where patrons can come and enjoy a pint or two from a large selection of primarily German Beers. The Bier Garten like the restaurant is waited by friendly staff.

My experience with the Bavarian Grill was quite nice. However, I think they need to reconsider their house band. The restaurant is entirely too small to house a 12 person polka band. I am all for a true Oktoberfest like experience but I shouldn’t have to yell over the band in order to converse with the person across the table from me. Also for a restaurant that is asking 20 dollars a plate seating should be more comfortable than a picnic table.

A restaurant charging what Bavarian Grill charges should feel more astute than the bar around the corner with two dollar pitchers. However, I do appreciate the authenticity of the menu however it is out of sync with the restaurants atmosphere. For that price I should be able to expect both a great menu and a wonderful atmosphere, not have to ask the waitress for ear plugs.

Speaking of the wait staff, which were very friendly however the traditional Bavarian outfits were a little over the top. It was kind of like being at Disney Land and having Mickey Mouse and Cinderella bring you your drinks.

I must admit that the menu items were well prepared and were quite authentic. The Schnitzel was thin and as large as the plate. The Rinder Rouladen was tightly rolled and covered in a well flavored brown gravy. However, I wouldn’t say that the quality of the food was worth the 20 dollar a plate price tag. Especially for a place that was more sports bar than restaurant.

If I was to rate the restaurant in Plano, I would have to say its atmosphere is a 4 and its beer selection is a 4 as well. However, they need to work quite a bit to make the dinning experience more enjoyable. They could always keep the band in the Bier Garten so that people eating could converse normally. So all in all, it’s an enjoyable place and adds to the cultural diversity in Plano, however until they find away to make the atmosphere match the price tag, I am going to have to rate it at 3.

Dave Russell a is a local Plano, Texas restaurant reviewer.

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