Getting A Bite To Eat In New York City

On a busy day of touring and taking in the many sights which the bustling metropolis of New York City has offer, visitors to the Big Apple are always ready to relax and take a break. There’s no better way to do this, of course, than to get a delicious meal. Any time of the day, this diverse city will have something to offer its hungry tourists.

The most important meal of the day: breakfast. Even in New York City there is no exception to that rule. Of course, the most famous of all of New York City’s breakfast foods is the bagel. Nowhere else in the world seems to be able to master the task of creating the perfect soft and chewy bread donuts quite like the city of New York.

While there are bagel shops around practically every corner, a few of these establishments are just a step above the rest and have gained a reputation as some of the best bagel joints in town. H&H Bagels is one of the most well known bagel shops in town, and rightly so. This bagel-making establishment not only serves bagels fresh and hot out of their ovens, they also ship to anywhere in the world, and supply bagels to delis and grocery stores all around the city. These lucky businesses proudly boast their “We Have H&H Bagels” signs, so they are easy to locate as well. H&H Bagels sells many different kinds of individual spreads, or schmears as the locals call it, so each bagel diner can enjoy their perfect creation. Customers can get a variety of cream cheeses, chopped liver, egg salad, herring or others to top off their breakfast.

When the bagel they had for breakfast starts to wear off, tourists start thinking about lunch. The city is full of diners, cafés, and restaurants so finding somewhere to grab a bite isn’t hard. But, if a visitor to the city is on a limited time schedule, they want to know the best places to go.

For lunch, a fun place to relax and enjoy a meal is Alice’s Tea Cup. Perfect for little girls, young ladies, and aging women, Alice’s Tea Cup is a unique and eclectic little spot that offers everything from classic British teas to freshly baked goodies. Not to say that boys and men wouldn’t also enjoy the warm and crumbly cookies, brownies, or pastries, but the setting does appeal slightly more to the feminine side. When visiting the dainty café, diners will find the menu offers a wide range of teas, scones, and baked goods, making it the perfect destination for an all out tea party. But Alice’s also offers options for full meals as well. They are famous for serving world-wide favorites like cucumber sandwiches or a chicken salad. Another unique aspect about the café is its after school snack menu. Available in the afternoons, it offers items such as celery sticks with peanut butter, apples and Nutella, or graham crackers and honey, which is enough to make any diner nostalgic.

At the end of the day, most everyone is looking for a good dinner to cap off a perfect day. Many also look to make their dinner a little more upscale. An excellent and different, but still moderately priced, place to visit in New York City is La Bonne Soupe. This cozy French bistro is welcoming and not at all scary. The menu offers classics like quiche, omelets, salads and even filet mignon. Kids are also accommodated well here as they can order a simple a hamburger or other options from a kid’s menu. The restaurant has two floors, with two different atmospheres. The top floor is bright and cheery, a good option for get-togethers or family outings, and the second floor is dimly lit, setting a more romantic feeling. La Bonne Soupe is a nice change of pace from the regular burger and pizza joints most settle for while on vacation.

Food is an important part of any trip, and most people know a meal can either make or break a day. New York City is an excellent place to sample many different cuisines, while also enjoying some fun atmospheres.

Author Lindsey Lindquist is a travel coordinator with Exploring America

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