Helen, Georgia BBQ Restaurants

Helen Ga. restaurants are among some of the best restaurants in Georgia. North Ga. Bar B Que has become one of my all time favorites.

One would typically doubt that they would find Bar B Que of this magnitude at a fair price, in a small tourist area. I believe the reason is in competition. Restaurants in this small Alpine Village located in the North Ga. Mountains has a high level of competition among each other requiring each restaurant to offer excellent food choices in order to survive.

North Ga. Bar B Que is very unique compared to the other restaurants in the area. For starters, there is no inside dining available. The restaurant only has picnic style outdoor patio dining areas, but the tables do have nice large umbrellas over them allowing for a comfortable dining experience even on the warm days.

Now I am a Bar B Que buff, and consider myself to know excellent Bar B Que when I taste it, and even though my own personal diet does not recommend much Bar B Que, I won’t visit Helen Ga. without enjoying at least one of their Bar B Que pork sandwiches.

The Bar B Que pork is smoked for twelve hours. The pork is not exposed to direct heat. This form of pure meat smoking gives off a very strong smoked smell and flavor, and also keeps the natural moisture in the meat that can only be achieved by true smoking techniques.

North Ga. Bar B Que has a variety of menu choices ranging from the standard chopped pork sandwich, to Bar B Que chicken sandwiches. You can order ribs by the half rack, full rack, or chopped, and at times they offer their add a rib special to any purchase for a mere buck.

The sides are Brunswick stew, coleslaw, potato salad, and baked beans. The Brunswick stew is about the bets Brunswick stew I’ve ever tasted, the stew has a real smoked aroma and flavor with the bits of smoked chopped pork used to create it.

You can also order hot dogs, hamburgers, and French fries if someone in your party isn’t in the mood for Bar B Que. And if you are feeling a tad adventurous, you have to step out on a limb and try the North Ga. Bar B Que’s Pig Melt Sandwich. After trying this sandwich, you will most likely be ordering one to take home with you to eat later.

Leave room for desert. Trust me when I say you have never had a fried apple or peach pie that tastes this good. Throw in with it a scoop of ice cream melted on top, and your guaranteed to walk away stuffed. If pies aren’t your thing, North Ga. Bar B Que has a homemade banana pudding to die for. You can get a large banana pudding, take what you don’t eat home with you, and even after a few days in the fridge, it even tastes better than the day you bought it.

And don’t forget that all this excellent food comes with pricing that is even more competitive than you will see just about anywhere in or around the city of Atlanta. So next time your up here, try one of Helen Ga. Restaurants crown jewels, North Ga. Bar B Que, you will definitely be glad you did.

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