Sample Restaurant Floor Plans – Find The Right Setup For Your Restaurant 0

In planning the layout of your restaurant, one good place to start is with any franchise restaurant. These establishments spend a lot of time, and a money, and resources determining the most profitable ways to set up and run their restaurants. Using their layout suggestions in your sample restaurant floor plans is an excellent place to start. There are certain ways that the restaurant floor plan can be most optimized for drive through and for dine in traffic, and ways that the kitchen area floor plan can be used to maximum benefit.

Some restaurants benefit from having their dine in areas strictly controlled, by using crowd control lines and the like, to restrict access by customers to the order and pick up areas. These are the kinds of restaurants that usually have at least one set of doors on each side, and a solid store front. These places are able to have many different kinds of seating configurations, benches, tables, and booths.

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Choosing The Right Type Of Wine 0

Wines as we know them are generally distinguished as either red or white wine. However, this distinction is much too simplified considering the various types of wine depending on the grapes they were made of and the location of the vineyard where they were grown.

Having invested possibly hundreds of dollars in your latest bottle of vintage wine (ah well, we can but dream), the next important decision is where to store this prized possession?

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86 – Restaurant Slang 0

There are many different slang words and phrases that help a restaurant become more efficient. I work at Perkins as a cook and if I was coming in as a new cook than I would be lost. People throw out words that aren’t what people use in everyday life. The answer of why the restaurant business does this is simple, its time. Cooks and servers don’t have time to sit there and explain what they need because it is wasting time, especially when the restaurant is busy. Not just cooks and servers do this; people in school and work do this as well. For example, a college student listening to a lecture and the teacher talks way to fast, to write everything down they abbreviate. Cooks and servers do this to have faster and more efficient service.

There are typical words you here in the restaurant business. To start off the day I hear things like can you grab me a baker, this simply means can you grab me a baked potato. So in return I go to grab a baker and I find that there are none left. So I run back to the kitchen and yell 86 bakers. 86 bakers mean there are no longer any more baked potatoes in the building and the servers have to tell the customers to order something else. 86 something can also be used with any other kind of food. I then get back to my station and I ask the wheel which is the person reading of the tickets to the cooks, how many cakes I have all day. A cake is another word for a pancake and all day is how many cakes all together are on the tickets. The person in charge up front then comes back and says I have a fourteen, twelve, and an eight top. This means there is a dining party of fourteen, twelve, and eight at separate tables. In other words these are going to long tickets, on separate trays, and we should get prepared and stocked.

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