Some Popular Restaurants In Saint Trope You Can Try

So you have decided to rent a Saint Tropez property for your upcoming vacation. This is a wise decision because you will be home away from home when you get a rental Saint Tropez property. While you may cook at home sometimes during your vacation, there will be times when you will feel like tasting the local food here. Now the goods news is that there are so many restaurants in this city that are worth trying. Do not be surprised to find a good restaurant near the Saint Tropez property that you have rented!

You need to know that the French cuisine in this city is quite different from the cuisine found in other French regions. There are so many restaurants in Saint Tropez that you will like and you will certainly have a wonderful time tasting the local dishes in these restaurants. One restaurant that many tourists like is the Place des Lices that started out in the year 2005 and it is extremely well known for its seafood. It is located in Quai Jean Jaur’s and you will find black and white pictures of Brigitte Bardot in this restaurant. The environment is good and the food is amazing. Be sure to taste the fish soup because the taste of this Mediterranean soup will remain with you for the rest of your life. You can also try the grilled shrimps here. You can visit this restaurant from twelve in the afternoon to one at night.

If you are looking for a restaurant where you can not just enjoy the food but also meet the yachting crowd then be sure to go to Le Girelier, which is one of the popular restaurants in the city and it is situated in Quai Jean Jaur’s. It is a very big restaurant where you can enjoy the food and you will find many yachting crowd here. If you are looking forward to have a light meal, then this is the place to be. Be sure to try the fish soup or soupe au pistou, which is a vegetable soup with garlic and basil puree. The theme of the restaurant is nautical in nature. Other dishes that you can try when you are in this restaurant are shrimp saut’ed with pastis, grilled lobster and tuna tartare. You will find that this restaurant has first class service and the staff members are also very friendly. Le Girelier is opened from twelve in the afternoon to twelve thirty at night.

Those of you who want to eat in a Michelin rated restaurant should check out the Le’ Mouscardins, which lies in the Tour du Portalet. The visitors to this restaurant come here not just to taste the amazing food but also to check out the noisy dining room. Laurent Tarridec is the chef of this restaurant and he is considered to be one of the best chefs in the city. This restaurant opens it door at seven in the evening till eleven at night everyday.

These are some of the restaurants that you can check out after you rent a Saint Tropez property and stay here for your next vacation. There are many more restaurants that you can consider and basically, you should eat in the restaurants where the locals eat.

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