Spend Time At Restaurants With Live Music Rather Then Bars

We all look forward to the weekend and find ourselves constantly searching for the best way to spend time with friends and family after a busy week. Though we always anticipate having two glorious days of leisure and fun away from work, many of us do not make concrete plans until the weekend actually arrives. It seems that the pressure and stress begins to build mid-week and, before we know it, Friday afternoon is upon us.

After an exhaustive week, we want to relax and be comfortable and taken care of…pampered, even. We search for an establishment with delicious food, great cocktails, a classy ambiance, maybe even terrific music. Though it may be tempting to join the younger masses at loud, crowded bars and clubs, wouldn’t you rather unwind and enjoy your weekend with a spectacular dinner, great drinks and some impressive live music?

Whereas popular bars are often noisy and overcrowded with sticky floors and dirty restrooms, restaurants offering live music provide plentiful space and privacy in an upscale atmosphere. This comfortable environment is much more conducive to unwinding and appreciating the smooth grooves and the musicians’ raw talent. These restaurants offer the best of all worlds.

While dinner at many fancy restaurants can be a rather dull affair, a restaurant with an outstanding bar and live music Boise could be just the thing you need to relax after another tiring week. In fact, enjoying light jazz music along with your favorite scotch or wine could actually become your standing weekend plan.

Few restaurants can be classified as fine dining Boise and only one has the perfect combination of world-class cuisine, the area’s most extensive wine list, an exciting bar, impeccable service and Boise’s best live jazz every night of the week. That restaurant is Chandlers and you are guaranteed to experience the best that Boise has to offer during each visit.

Chandlers is owned and operated by award-winning restaurateur, Rex Chandler, and is famous across Idaho and the region for its prime steaks, fresh seafood and soulful jazz. Chandlers houses one of Boise’s best bars and is honored to be consistently named “Best Local Fine Dining,” “Best Local Steakhouse” and “Best Local Wine List” award winners in the Best of Treasure Valley competition. Patrons can enjoy their favorite food and drinks while experiencing the best live music available in the city. Year after year, Chandlers has proven that it belongs in a class of its own.

Chandlers is a top seafood Boise restaurant. The restaurant is renowned for its steaks, seafood, sophisticated ambiance, unparalleled service and live jazz music nightly.

For more information, visit Chandlersboise.com

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