Top Cuban Restaurants In Miami

Miami, due to its proximity to Cuba and its vibrant culture, is home to many Cuban immigrants to the United States. Their contribution to Miami is unmistakable and the city has taken on a unique persona that is difficult to find anywhere else throughout the country. With Cuban culture comes the delicious Cuban cuisine: here are some of Miami’s finest Cuban restaurants.

The Villa Habana Restaurant on 22nd St. accomplishes the goal that it sets out to achieve – provide a place for people to eat fantastic Cuban food without a pretentious, elitist attitude. This is reflected in the restaurant’s presentation, which is more cafeteria than fine dining. Regardless of this, you can be sure to have a wonderful authentic Cuban meal at a restaurant that is known for being consistent.

Bongos is a restaurant that has great service, delicious food and a style that sets it apart from the rest. The interior of the restaurant, decorated in luscious earth tones, sets the mood for a relaxing, romantic dinner, while nightfall sees Bongos transform into a wild dance floor as Cuban and American rhythms set the stage for a night of fun. Do not miss the traditional Cuban fare, prepared as well as it gets. Bongos Cuban Cafe is located at 601 Biscayne Blvd.

Versailles Restaurant is a Cuban restaurant that is famous for breaking tradition. While the food is certainly Cuban and exceptionally good, the restaurant itself would make you hard-pressed to guess what kind of food it serves by just looking at it. Still, no matter what kind of Cuban fare you might be craving, you are almost guaranteed to find it on Versailles’s extensive menu. This restaurant is located at 3555 SW Eighth St.

There are plenty of Cuban restaurants in Miami, but certain establishments are a cut above the rest in providing quality service, excellent food and that unmistakable Cuban flair that makes Miami such a special city. Located at 100 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, you can reach the resort at (305) 398-3000.

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